ETI is one of the pioneer’s in the U.S. market for LED Lighting technology. We began our LED operation in 2001 as an LED packager and custom manufacturer and have steadily improved and grown over the years.

Whether you are a legacy fixture manufacturer or an LED component supplier, we have the products and expertise to assist you in the market place.

In addition to the individual components listed in this catalog that fit to 90% of retrofit applications currently in the marketplace, we also offer design assistance with a full time CAD Engineering and Design Department which is available to assist with special project requirements and proto-type testing.

We have manufacturing and assembly capabilities on-site. Our printed circuit boards are manufactured and populated in Eastern Europe and final component assembly and testing is performed in our Dallas, Texas Facility.

We use only the highest quality LED chips available in the Market today. Our 1Watt chips are from Lumi-Led and Cree and our 3Watt chips are only from Cree. The total quality of these products is further enhanced by our proprietary packaging and thermal management technology that allow us to get the perfect balance of the maximum light output with the longest life.

We utilize the service of ETL Testing Laboratories in Richardson, TX. We have a typical turnaround time of 3-4 weeks for regulatory testing and approval.

We look forward to discussing your next LED Lighting Solution.